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Pediatrics department at Lords is your one-destination facility, which diagnose, treat, and help prevent children’s diseases and injuries. Our comprehensive healthcare center for children of all ages – newly born to adults. As human being, we understand the delicacy level of ill children and their parents, but our passionate love and commitment toward medicine ensure that they are receiving the forefront treating care and recovery.

We are dedicated to improving the health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults through world-class patient care, innovative medical education, groundbreaking research, and pediatric advocacy, achieving these goals in a diverse and inclusive environment.

We provide general pediatric care for children while they are in the clinic. We remain in contact with primary pediatricians and work with pediatric subspecialists to treat each child’s unique condition.

Our philosophy is based on serving our patients with compassionate, family-centered, and evidence-based care.  We are committed to close collaboration with patients, families, and colleagues, and a scholarly approach to:

  • Providing outstanding out-patient clinical care,
  • Educating future physician-leaders in pediatrics, and
  • Leading the improvement of inpatient safety, quality and efficiency

As a leading healthcare center in pediatric medicine, we depend on the contributions of a large support staff, whose expertise and dedication serve to facilitate the department’s administrative, clinical and research operations. Our pediatrics collaborate across the bench-to-bedside, transforming their discoveries into the most effective diagnostics, treatments and prevention therapies available today.

As a unit of Lords International Hospital, we are preparing future leaders in pediatric medicine by offering broad-based training in general pediatrics, critical care and pediatric subspecialties within a variety of community settings.

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