Director’s Messages

The purpose of life may differ from person to person, however, the instinct and the motive remains the same.

Having said that, one identifies certain goals or such vision of achieving goals come in way; once journey towards excellence gets started.

With the vision and mission i.e. of
• Choosing the right path,
• Exceling in it; and
• Taking care of society, we got our journey started and people with similar mission and vision joined stage by stage.

In pursuance of the goal, an objective was to be achieved, which not only would bring in a paradigm shift in service delivery, rather would rejuvenate the overall experience. Hence came with it, the concept of “Redefining faith” specifically in the healthcare delivery system.

As it is not always about quantity or quality, or for that matter effectiveness or efficiency, as business people would say, rather it is about the passion-driven work that helps one achieve the goals, and success could be an ancillary part of it.

It is said that there are four important things in life i.e. honesty, hard work, intelligence and luck. The balance of such, if perfect, would surely lead an individual to success.

It is on these parameters that our group is working in order to achieve perfection; and in healthcare delivery system, such has an imperative role to play.

The concept of treating ‘patient as king’, and giving them ‘royal care’ would help in extending ‘empathy not sympathy’ and would lead to development of trust and healthy relationship because for us humanity is of paramount value.

It is how, we at Lords Group are working towards excellence and we are sure that in times to come, we will be known for our service delivery system delivered in the best possible and ideal manner.