About Us

Lords Clinic, a unit of Lords International Hospital (L.I.H), is a Delhi-based clinic, which established in year 2016 with the purpose of delivering safe, highly functional and state-of-the-art healthcare services to national and international patients.

What define us as an organization or as a team of doctors at Lords Group is the passion with medicine and most importantly our commitment towards taking care of people in the best possible manner. The only way to accomplish is by having an approach with continuous focus on quality, reliability, compassion, collaboration and service excellence. We are proud that Lords Group will do the same with our continuous focus on personalized and quality care of patient and their attendance.

Our vision is choosing the right path, exceling in it; and taking care of the society. Our mission is to provide patient-oriented, safe and high quality medical care services and redefining faith between patient and doctor.

We are building our team; from healthcare professionals and medical staff to the Consultants who will be working together to ensure that quality healthcare is available in our community. Selected Physicians/doctors are highly trained and exceptionally skilled within their fields, offering advanced care in more than 30 specialties and subspecialties of medicine & surgery.  We are continuously developing new services and programs that keep our system at the very forefront of medicine. With the spirit of treating our patients as ‘King”, we move towards providing royal care service to our patients.

Currently, Lords Clinic caters to major super-specialty departments like Cardiology, Chest Medicine, ENT, Eye, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics, plaster surgery, Skin & Cosmetology, Urology, Pain management, Obesity and likewise. There are several other facilities available besides consultation; like Physiotherapy, Diagnostics & Imaging ECG, Pathology Tests, and TMT along with other 5 major clinics; Obesity, Pain, Diabetes, Cancer, and Skin & Hair with Treatment room for minor procedures.


Directors Message

“The purpose of life may differ from person to person, however, the instinct and the motive remains the same. Having said that, one identifies certain goals or such vision of achieving goals come in way; one journey towards excellence gets started with the following vision i.e.:

  • To choose the right path
  • To excel in it and
  • Taking caring of society

We got our journey started and people with same vision and mission joined stage by stage. In pursuance of the goal, an objective was sought to be achieved, which not only would bring in a paradigm shift in service delivery, rather would rejuvenate the overall experiences, hence came with it the concept of “redefining faith” specially in the healthcare service delivery.

As it is not about quantity or quality always or for that matter effectiveness or efficiency as business people say, rather it is about the passion-derive work by which on achieves the goal and success could be said to be an artillery part of it.

It is said that there are four important things in life i.e. Honesty, Hard work, Intelligence and Luck. The balance of such, if perfect, would surely lead an individual to success. It is on these parameters that our group is working in order to achieve perfection; and in healthcare such has an imperative role to play.

The concept of treating ‘patient as king’ and giving them ‘royal care’ would help in extending ‘empathy not sympathy’ and would lead to development of trust and a healthy relationship.

It is how, we at Lords Group are working towards excellence and we are sure that in time to come, we will be recognized for our service delivery in the best and ideal manner.”